This article is a translation of a jurisprudential opinion published by Shaykh Hobbollah, it can be found in Arabic: here

What is circulating among the believers, especially nowadays, is that the month of Ṣafar is a month of grief for the Prophet’s Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, and some people consider that the beginning of Muḥarram is the beginning of the period of grief and the period ends with the ninth of Rabīʿ al-Awwal, so does the Sharīʿah (Islamic Law) consider the month of Ṣafar a month of grief or not? Is there a legal view in this sense that extends the period of grief from the beginning of Muḥarram to the ninth of Rabīʿ, which is the day that some call the day of Farḥāt al-Zahrā, and others celebrate it as the day of the inauguration of Imām al-Mahdī?

The view I reached is that there is nothing in the Sharīʿah to indicate that the month of Ṣafar is considered by its title, a month of grief, in which a person is called to display grief because this month is specified for it, so according to my humble examination, I did not find any scripture, ḥadīths or established historical information that confirms that Ṣafar is considered a month of grief, unless we say that the one who is loyal to Ahl al-Bayt counts the whole of eternity for him as period of grief, and this is another matter. Likewise, there is nothing in the Sharīʿah under the title that grief extends from the beginning of Muḥarram to the ninth of Rabīʿ al-Awwal. Rather, it is confirmed that the month of Muḥarram or the first days of it, right up to the day of the martyrdom of Imām al-Ḥusayn, peace be upon him, are days of grief and consolation, and that in these days it is recommended for a person to react mournfully with this tragedy.

Yes, all this does not prohibit grief in some moments of Ṣafar, like in the case of Ziyāra, or when drinking water or other than these actions, which are mentioned in scripture. There is no prohibition for mourning all of this month for whoever wants to, our words here are only regarding whether there is a religious legislative view for the month of Ṣafar as a month of grief and weeping, and this has not been proven.

For more elaboration, refer to my book (Īdhaʾat 2:398-400, 5:420-429, first edition, 2011 AD, 2015 AD).

Ḥaidar Ḥobbollāh

Thursday, June 9, 2022 AD

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